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Monday, July 21, 2014

Secret sprinklers on the roof of the Natural History Museum

I've lived in New York for 13 years, and I only just discovered the secret sprinklers on top of the Natural History Museum...

20 Surprising Things about Parenting in Germany

For our tenth Motherhood Around the World interview, we're thrilled to feature Luisa Weiss, author of the blog The Wednesday Chef and book My Berlin Kitchen. Luisa lives in Berlin with her husband, Max, and two-year-old son, Hugo. Here are twenty things she found surprising about being a mom in Germany...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Have a wonderful weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Our friends are having a party tonight, and tomorrow we're taking the boys to the Natural History Museum to see the whale. Also, thank you so much for your phobia comments—it made me feel less crazy and alone! Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web...

Nordstrom's anniversary sale starts today. (I just ordered these.)

How When Harry Met Sally used physical spacing to tell its love story.

Why you should sleep in a cold bedroom.

What Jane Austen really looked like.

Tiny flower arrangements.

Cute way to wrap small gifts.

Clever stationery.

Two bizarre reality shows. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

The perfect picnic.

An easy way to say no.

Amy and Tina on the set of their new show.

The Grand Budapest Hotel actually has reviews on TripAdvisor.

Simplifying bath time.

Have a good one. xoxo

Romantic getaways

Years ago, before we were married, Alex and I took a trip to The Standard hotel in Miami for his birthday. It was amazing—quiet and romantic, with fire pits, a spa and a hot tub under a waterfall.
(We were such babies!)
The enormous infinity pool is as warm as a bathtub, facing Biscayne Bay, and the hotel restaurant served fresh Greek salads with tofu and fish sandwiches with spicy fries.
Bonus: The hotel offers fluffy white robes, so you can spend your weekend in a robe, swimsuit and flip flops—no need to pack much else! They also have a spa with mud baths and candlelight yoga. (FYI, no kids under 17 are allowed, so it feels very adult for a romantic getaway.)
Since falling in love with that hotel years ago, we've stayed in Standard hotels on a few special occasions. For example, we stayed in The Standard in New York on our wedding night and took a one-night staycation there a few weeks ago.
The Standard has hotels in New York, LA and Miami, and they're all beautiful. If you're craving a romantic getaway, I have fun news: Cup of Jo readers can get 20% off at any of their hotels through September 30th with the code ACUPOFJO. (You just have to book your stay online or over the phone before Thursday, July 24th.)

Which would you want to visit? (I'd highly recommend Miami—and it's quiet and lovely this time of year with temperatures in the 70s and 80s.) Thank you so much, Standard hotels!

(This post was sponsored by Standard hotels, which we love. Some black out dates apply. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that support Cup of Jo)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do you have a phobia?

Do you have a phobia? This is crazy/embarrassing, but I...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A great way to frame art

Now that we're moving apartments (again!), I've been thinking about home decor. We have a bunch of family photos and artwork in our apartment, and those pieces of art immediately help a new place feel familiar and cozy. Framing artwork always makes it look a million times better, but custom frames can be expensive, especially if you have an oddly shaped piece of art. (Not to mention the hassle of schlepping to the framer.) But! Here's an easier way...


Have you seen the new movie Boyhood? I saw it on Monday night and can't stop thinking about it.

Directed by Richard Linklater (of Before Sunrise fame), the movie was filmed over a period of 12 years—beginning when the lead actor, Ellar Coltrane, was six years old and continuing until he was 18. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette play his parents, and the cast met for a few days in Texas every year. The story is, simply, about a boy growing up. “Time is actually the lead character in the film,” Linklater said.

From the New York Times Magazine:

The project was a leap of faith in almost every sense—for starters, Coltrane (and his parents) was under no obligation to Linklater to return each year and continue the film. “You wouldn’t contract anyone to do something like this for 12 years, much less a 6-year-old,” Linklater says. “My hope was that his parents and him would see this as a positive thing in his life and a fun thing to be involved in every year.” Linklater’s other gamble was that the dreamy, artistic temperament he saw in Coltrane as a child would mature into the smart skepticism and quiet charisma we witness in young-adult Mason. That, in other words, the kid wouldn’t grow up into a dud.

From the New York Times review:

“Let’s face it, we bet the farm on the cumulative effect of identification, on the idea that you would care about this family and be invested in them, not because their dog died, or some fake plotty thing,” [Linklater] said. “Execs are like: ‘Why should we care about this guy? Let’s give him a flaw.’ No. You like him because you’re familiar with him. Why do you like your friends? Because you know them.”

We went to dinner with friends last night and I could have talked about the movie for days. But, for now, here's the trailer, above. Will you see it? Have you? I'd love to hear what you thought...

P.S. On having a boy.

(Photos via the New York Times)

Fettuccine with Mushrooms, Walnuts and Parmesan

This month, food bloggers are sharing their favorite three-ingredient pastas. Today, Heather from Flourishing Foodie shares her recipe for fettuccine with mushrooms, walnuts and parmesan, a rich combination she discovered by accident. The best part? It takes just 10 minutes to make. Here's how...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"My Beauty Uniform"

My friend Jenny Gordy, a designer of handmade clothing, moved from Brooklyn to Iowa City and now has a sweet baby girl. She's warm and thoughtful and is one of those people you want to ask a million questions because she always has the best answers. Here, she shares her secrets, including a game-changing eyebrow trick and the "mocktail" she swears by...

How to cure a headache

Last night, I had a headache, and as I rooted around in our medicine cabinet for Advil, I came across this headache soother, which my old roommate had given me. She swore by the stuff, so I decided to give it a try. You just massage it onto your temples and forehead; the Menthol Crystals feel cool and calming, while the lavender relaxes you. And lo and worked like a charm.

Just thought I'd pass it along! It's always nice to find natural remedies. Any other headache tricks to share? I'd love to hear!
(Top photo by Alpha Smoot for this braid tutorial)
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